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About my blog: June 8, 2010

This is a little about me and my blog, so listen carefully:

My blog is about my life, other peoples life, fake stories I make up, or just totally random stuff I write when I’m bored. My name is Jessica( Nicknames: Jess, Jessi, JessDogz, or Randy Jackson- don’t ask) If you check out my blog often you will learn some weird, random, and cool stuff, so check it whenever possible! I am only 11 years old, so I write about things I know. I hope you like my blog, please comment, rate, and subscribe!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 See you on the comment page!


6 Responses to “About my blog:”

  1. paige Says:

    hi jess i love yourstoriies its paige

  2. paige Says:

    rember to repy in a comment

  3. jill Says:

    You are a Great Writer !!!!

  4. kay Says:

    cool web….

  5. kay Says:

    its me from school, love your website……

  6. kay Says:

    you havent posted forever… keep posting riddles and questions…LOL!……………………………

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