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Sheet Music+Chords August 8, 2011

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Hi everyone! As you probably know, I play piano. I like to sing while I play piano. When I sing and play piano, I play chords. When I just play the song, I do it with sheet music. I have found two awesome websites to make that very easy and get it for free!

1st website:

On this website you can pick any song you like, then get the chords to it very easily. You can print it out. Also, say your a beginner, so you want it to be easy. There are many different versions of the song with the chords! You get to pick which one you think it best for YOU! Also: in the name its Ultimate GUITAR. Chords are always the same. You can play those chords on the piano too, and it works out fine.

2nd Website:

This website, I only found recently. 2 days ago to be exact. This website gives you printable, free SHEET MUSIC!!! Totally awesome!!! They change the songs every few days, so it’s never the same thing. You can also watch a video tutorial to get the hang of it!!!

Well, that’s all for now!!! Definitely check out those websites!!!

Fun Fact: A long time ago I posted a video of me singing “Crazier” by Taylor Swift, at my talent show. I sang to it and played piano. I used chords from ULTIMATE-GUITAR.COM and then added my own little rhythms, and look how great it came out!!!



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Hey! Watched a movie last night!


Rated: PG-13

About 3 different people/families that are all so different, and they come together at the end. It’s about what happens after you pass away.

One of the reasons I LOVED this movie, is because Steven Spielburgh did the special effects at the beginning! Great!!!

Watch this movie!!!

Here’s the trailer:


Mars Attacks! And The Haunting In Connecticut August 1, 2011

Mars Attacks!

Rated: PG-13


Great movie! This movie is about aliens from Mars that suddenly come to Earth and try to conquer the human species.

This movie is a little old, I think it’s from ’96.

It’s a Tim Burton classic. The very funny thing about it, is that many celebrity’s are in that movie, but most of them weren’t really known or famous, so it’s very funny. People such as Jack Black and Sarah Jessica Parker are in it. Try to watch it one rainy day when you want to watch a funny movie!

I would rate it a 4 and a half out of 5 on my movie scale!

Here’s the trailer! :

The Haunting In Connecticut

Rated: PG-13


This is about a boy who has cancer, so the family move to a house near the hospital, which is in Connecticut. He keeps seeing things in the house they move into, but the doctors just think that it is from the medication and radiation. This horror is a very jumpy movie. The scary things happen right away. Nothing in it is very scary, but since it pops out at you, it’s VERY scary.

It’s a newer movie. I think from 2008 or 2009.

Watch this movie!

I would give it a 4 out of 5 on my movie scale!

Here’s the trailer! :