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Case 39 and Resident Evil: Afterlife July 25, 2011

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Watched another scary movie last night! It’s called “Case 39.”  I forget if it’s rated PG-13 or R, but if it’s rated R, it shouldn’t be.

It is about a little girl named Lilly. Her parents want her to die, but for a good reason. (I’m not going to tell you!) A child social worker gets her out of the home with her parents. One part I can give away, just because it was pretty funny in a sick kinda way! The parents tried to put her in the oven and cook her! (LOL! They didn’t suceed though)

I would rate it a four and a half out of five on my movie scale!

It is a really good movie! It’s from last year. Here’s the trailer so you can find out more!

I watched the newest Resident Evil two nights ago. I think it’s called Afterlife.

It’s from 2010.

 I think it was rated PG-13.

It’s really good!

It’s a little more of an action movie than a horror, but it’s still great!

I would rate it a four on my movie scale!

Here’s the trailer, because it’s hard to explain.

There ya go! Please comment! 🙂


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