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11 Fun, Kid Friendly Websites! July 18, 2011

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Here is 11 Fun websites for kids! I am a kid, so I know what is safe, fun, and sometimes educational all at the same time!


A website where you are in a virtual world and you can play fun games, earn stars, and buy cool things!


A website where every0ne is a penguin and you can do missions, play games, and collect pets called “Puffles!”


You buy a cute stuffed animal, type in it’s code on the website, and do fun things with it!


You can talk to Disney stars, play games, and even watch full- length episodes!


You can play games with any Nick show, take quizzes, and more!


Get to know the stars of iCarly and even learn how to make your own webshow!


Raise any animal from a dog, to a cat, to a rabbit and help it grow!


Make a wacky pet and play fun games with it!


Dress yourself up, buy cool clothes, and even help pick out an outfit for a star!

10. (

A fun website for girls to play any games you want, and if you make an account, you can save your scores and do even more!


Take care of your own baby by feeding it, playing with it, and more!

There is 11 websites! If you would like to add more websites, comment here! If you want to ask me if a website that is not listed here is safe or not, comment here! 🙂

* is not a safe website for kids. It may seem fun at first, but they can steal your money off your credit card, and older people go on it and try to talk to kids. Do NOT go on it.


One Response to “11 Fun, Kid Friendly Websites!”

  1. Vernita Netz Says:

    Wohh precisely what I was searching for, appreciate it for posting .

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