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Cool Shows/Movies! July 17, 2011

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I am going to tell you some shows and movies that I enjoy watching!


American Idol- Undiscovered singers audition for a chance to be a star, the next “American Idol!”

The Voice- Many people audition that they think they have a great voice. The judges cannot judge them on looks, only their VOICE!

America’s Got Talent- A show where people of any age come and audition because they have a talent of any kind, if they win they get to be a vegas act!

Shake it Up- A disney channel show where two best friends love to dance and they are on a show and they have fun adventures and get into trouble with all their friends!

Pretty Little Liars- 5 girls are best friends for a year, but one mysteriously gets killed. After that they get odd texts from someone who calls themselves –A.

Prank Stars- Disney Channel stars find some of their biggest fans and they totally prank them!

A.N.T. Farm- 11 year olds go to High School for the “Advanced Natrual Talent” Program and have fun adventures!

So Random- After “Sonny with a Chance” came off the air, they kept the memory alive by keeping the skits from their show “So Random” which is now its own show, where they have wacky, funny skits!

Victorious- A Nickelodeon show where people from high school go to a preforming arts school and have tons of fun!

iCarly- A show about 3 friends that have a really fun, famous webshow!


Source Code- A great movie where they try to stop a bomb that is on a train before it blows up and kills everyone and they have to find the bomber!

Inception- A AWESOME MOVIE where you can go into your dreams and fix stuff before it happens in real life and much more!

The Wizard of Oz- A classic movie where a girl named Dorthy goes to a magical world and tries to find her way back home.

Insidious- A boy’s spirt leaves his body and they have to get it back before he is posessed.

The Relic- A monster that tries to kill everyone and more.

The New Daughter- A scary movie about a daughter that changes and more.

That’s it for now! Tell me your favorite show/or movie! I will add more later!


3 Responses to “Cool Shows/Movies!”

  1. Dollar Bee Says:

    I LOVE your list… It’s very close to my favorite list as well..

  2. Dollar Bee Says:

    WOW… your list matches mine perfectly…

  3. Shariarbd Says:

    The movies are enjoyable. Thanks

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