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Recipes! April 20, 2011

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         At JesslBlog, I will be trying to post a treat, food, or just a snack every few days, so you can try some new things that I love!!!! If you have any requests for a recipe you want me to look into, I will be glad to look! Don’t be shy! We are all friends! 🙂 Today, you got Cinnamon Toast! I hope you like that! Tomorrow, Thursday, or Friday, I will post a healthy snack that you are sure to love! 🙂 Bye 4 Now! I gotta go get ready to watch American Idol, Ghost Hunters, and Fact or Faked! 🙂 Bye!


One Response to “Recipes!”

  1. Jill Says:

    Hi Jessie, Thanks for the recipe. I love cinnamon toast, haven’t had it in a long time. but I think tomorrow I will make it. Have a great day. Love you, Grams xoxoxo

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