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Exercise February 5, 2011

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I got a request for a post about exercise, so here it is!

Your laying in the couch watching tv. Your friend asks you to play outside. You turn him/her down because you want to watch tv or you “Don’t feel like it.” Your friends leave and play a nice game for about an hour and a half and ask you again. You tell them “Can’t you see I’m kind of busy?” Your friends leave again, and frown upon how you have been laying on the couch and eating fattening food for over an hour and a half.

If you have done this before don’t lie, because even I have once or twice, and I am a very athletic person. The average person such as myself should get about 60 minutes (one hour) of physical activity everyday. I do try to reach my goal everyday but some days I don’t succeed, which is okay. But, it is still important to get up and exercise. And I know some of you people who are reading this are probably going “Uggg. Exercise. It’s to much work.” But, there is ways to make it really fun! That is what I will be sharing with you today.

Grab a friend that you might want to exercise with. Here are some fun activities that could really help you and make a difference. Start with something easy, like jumping jacks. You and your friends can do about 15 of those and then stop. (P.S. Some of these exercises that I put you could do all by yourself!) Then, if you have a jump rope, you can do some cool tricks with your friend and maybe have a contest how much you can jump rope in a minute. You can do some double dutch with your friend, and more tricks. Then, you can do some sit ups and push ups. Hold each others legs when doing sit ups and hold each others stomachs when doing push ups for maximum fun and activity. Then you could run some laps. To get great stamina, start out nice and slow and build your way up to the top. Then you could do many other things! Try it out! If you have any other exercises comment right here and tell me and I will add it in to my post! THANKS! 🙂


2 Responses to “Exercise”

  1. jill Says:

    Hello Jess, Love the post !!! I must say that I am guilty of,being a potato every now and then. But I do try to walk at least five times a week. Right now in Florida, the weather is good for outdoor activities. Then it will be much too hot. When I was A kid, I was very good at jump rope. And great at double dutch. That was my favorite.I was thinking that hula hoop is good exercise too. Thank you for your information, It is greatly appreciated. Talk later !!! XO

  2. Jess! :) Says:

    I’m going to go play soccer to get some EXERCISE!!!

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