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This just in: January 30, 2011

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Great news! Our 1st place winner for our 1st quiz is my very own Grandma Jill! 🙂 LOL! She has gotten the question right! If you didn’t know, the question was “What is the AVERAGE height and weight of a male AND female polar bear. She got it right by answering ” The female polar bears weight is 330 to 550 pounds. Height is 6 to 8 feet. The female will usually have two cubs. For the male bear, height is 8 to 11 feet, weight is 775 to 1,500 pounds.” I will post a new question tomorrow, so keep on the lookout! I hope you guys are liking the quizzes! I still need more ideas for my blog, so keep giving me them! Comment right here! Bye!


2 Responses to “This just in:”

  1. jill Says:

    Hi Jess, Here are some ideas, Earth Day is April 22, 2011 so you can write about it. And also Why is exercise so important ? Let me no what you think !!! And I am happy that I won, It was fun. XO

    • Jess! :) Says:

      Good ideas, but I will write about Earth day when it comes near, but I will write about Recycling and how to take care of the Earth! Thanks! Also the exercise was a good idea… I will get on those…. I’m glad your glad that you won! 🙂

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