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My not-so-little anymore pups’ January 30, 2011

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*My friend at told me that I should write a story about my dogs, so this goes out to her! 🙂

You have heard of my dogs Blue,(Black Labrador) Tazz,(Pomeranian) and Shamrock.(Papillion) They make my day when I come home. Brighten up the house. They are the sparkle in my eye. (You get the point) Blue is about 1 year old.(Will be two years in April) He was the runt of the pack, so he is very small for a Labrador. He is a very rambunctious puppy with a big heart. He loves to play around, I wrestle him all the time. But, he is also a great buddy to just sit down and watch a movie with. His nicknames are Blue boy, Rex, and more.

Tazz is a over protective guard dog of my aunt. He is not doing very well right now though. He has some heart failure and he has to take his medicine at least 3 times a day because he chokes a lot. He is a very fluffy bundle of joy. He is about 11 years old. His nicknames are Tazzy, Pooh bear, Mufasa, and more.

Now for my last dog- Shamrock. He is a delicate little oreo looking dog. He loves my grandma so much. He is about 7 years old. He lies on the bed all day and watches movies and tv with us. One very funny fact is about Shamrock is that he loves to go into bags. You might think I’m crazy, so let me explain: say I put a beach bad down on the floor. Shamrock will climb into the bag and stay in there! It’s really funny if you see it. Shamrock’s nicknames are Shammy, Sham, Shammy wammy, and more.

My dogs are the thing I look forward to everyday. I love them so much. If you have any pet at all(Bird, dog, cat, monkey, chinchilla, frog, or any other animal) comment right here and tell me about your pet/pets! I will comment back when I get it! 🙂 Thanks for reading!


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  1. prrelyea1 Says:

    ooo you really wrote that i didnt think you would thanks

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