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IT’S QUIZ TIME! :) January 30, 2011

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HELLLOOOOO! I AM YOUR HOST, JESS! TODAY  I WILL BE TALKING ABOUT A NEW QUIZ SHOW! IT TAKES PLACE RIGHT HERE AT JESSLBLOG AND WILL TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE ON ALL SUBJECTS! Okay, so this is how it will work: I will post a question about any subject so it is fair to all readers, and you have to answer it if you know the answer! If a day has passed and nobody has answered the question, I will give a slight hint. Some questions I write might be multiple choice, so you know it has to be one of the answers. But, here’s the catch- you can only guess TWICE! If you guess twice and both are wrong, I’m sorry but you will be automatically disqualified of the contest and any comments you write about the subject of the question will be ignored and deleted. The winner of the contest will get a post dedicated to them. 🙂 In the post with the question, I will give the subject, the question, and any other things I can add to that! I hope you are an active participant in this contest I have planed. Also, I will not post ANY most questions until the question I will post was answered! When it is answered, I will post a new question and so on. So, get typing after I write the post with the question on it! It will arrive shortly, so keep your eyes out! Happy typing 🙂 You can comment here if you like this idea, or how I can improve it. BYE 4 NOW!


One Response to “IT’S QUIZ TIME! :)”

  1. jill Says:

    Hello Jess, I am so excited about this new blog !!! Keep the questions coming.This is going to be fun and very interesting !!! Thanks again, Talk later. XO

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