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My blog needs… YOU! January 29, 2011

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HELLLLOOOOO! If you are reading my blog, I hope you have been enjoying it! But, my blog needs one thing: YOU! Lately, I have no idea what I should be writing about! I need you to comment on this post to tell me what YOU want me to write about! Give me any idea- there is no limitations! Please, please I am BEGGING you to comment, rate, and subscribe! If you like animals, give me an animal and I will write about that animal and dedicate it to you! If you liked my parody to California Girls, then give me another song to write a parody to! If you like when I tell you about my pets tell me to write more about them! ANY IDEA IS ACCEPTABLE AND I HAVE NOTHING TO WRITE ABOUT AND I WANT TO KEEP MY BLOG ACTIVE, SO ANYBODY THAT IS READING MY BLOG HERE GIVE ME ANY IDEA! PLEASE! I NEED YOU! SO WHEN YOU ARE DONE READING THIS, I DO expect you to click comment and give me your ideas! Please, please! 🙂 COMMENT!!!!! REMEMBER, ANYTHING IS ACCEPTABLE!!!


P.S. I will patiently wait for you to comment right now! 🙂



6 Responses to “My blog needs… YOU!”

  1. jill Says:

    Helo Jess, Could you please write about , why reading is so important. Chris is intrested in reading a good book !!! So could you please list five of your favorites. And please rate them !!! This will really help her out !! Thank you. We will look forward to all your information. Jesses Book Club~~~~ Xo

  2. prrelyea1 Says:

    Hi jess its paige i think you should wries about your dogs and i think that you should write a parrody for fireworks or teenage dream.

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