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Just another Friday… January 28, 2011

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Today was basically like any other day… I got up for school, went to talent show practice- wait Let me tell you about talent show practice! Since I am the closing act, I was also the last to go in the practice. After all the bands, singers, dancers, instruments players, and all the other awesome acts did their practice, I was up.  I sat down at the piano, pulled out my sheet music and was ready to go. In the end, everyone clapped, and said I was great. So, that was a good start to my day. Then I went to class, and we took a spelling test. Then we took an English test. Then we did a skit practice for this skit we preform in front of the school each month. Then we went to lunch & recess, then we went to chorus. We learned some new songs, since the concert was last week. Then we went to computer lab and had free time. Then, we did social studies and then we did the actual skit that I said we were practicing for this morning. That was my day… basically an average day. Now, tell me about your day! What did you do today? Comment right here at Jesslblog! 🙂 I will respond ASAP! 🙂


2 Responses to “Just another Friday…”

  1. prrelyea1 Says:

    thsmks 4 telling the takent show i couldnt come to rehursel cause i had a cough so i sounded like a dying frog

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