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American Idol! January 28, 2011

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Every Wednesday and Thursday, at 8:00 to either 9:00 or 10:00(Depending on the night) American Idol, Season 10 is on! It’s on Fox 5! With our new judges Jennifer Lopez( J-LO) and Steven Tyler, and our old school judge Randy Jackson, the show is awesome! As we will miss Kara Dioguardi, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdule, and Ellen, the show is still the same as always. The auditions are still going on right now, so it’s very entertaining! Some people are so tone death that the judges start laughing and the contestant just walks out! LOL! But overall, so far we have found some amazing talent! The age limit was lowered to 15, so some very young talented people have been presenting themselves with pride and the judges have been very impressed and sent many people to Hollywood. Jennifer was very funny in the season premier, she started sending people to Hollywood, and then somebody not so much worthy of going to Hollywood auditioned, and Jennifer is so sweet, that she didn’t want to say no! In the end she got her grip and learned that not everyone can go to Hollywood. I will be watching American Idol in 12 minutes! Hope you join me in the quest for our new “American Idol!” 🙂


One Response to “American Idol!”

  1. Jill Says:

    Love the show !!! And the new judges too. Going to now to watch the show. I will get back with my comments to you. Have a great night !!!

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