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Talent Show! January 19, 2011

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So, this year I auditioned for the talent show. Everyone makes it in, but the talent show comitee had to make sure it was decent. I played piano and sang to “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys. I was decent in the audition…messed up once or twice..but overall not a bad performance. I practiced, and practiced, and practiced until my throat was sore and my throat hurt- but it didn’t make a huge difference. So, I changed my song to “Crazier” by Taylor Swift. I got really good at it! The chords and words started to come natrually, to the point where I didn’t have to look at the sheet music! Now, the talent show is coming up soon! I am pretty good at the song! I have some practices coming up soon for the talent show, so wish me luck!(Or should I say, break a leg!) I will give you more info as the dates come closer!


3 Responses to “Talent Show!”

  1. paige Says:

    i rember that day like it was yesterday

  2. paige Says:

    my chricmas went great thamk you and i hope to hear from you soon jess

  3. paige Says:

    thanks bout the conncert thing and the friend was lauren

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