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Lanyard Designs! June 30, 2010

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Did anybody ever hear of making designs with lanyard? Well, if you don’t even know what lanyard is, it’s a string that is stretchy  but it’s not string, it kinda feels like rubber almost. It’s kinda hard to describe. You can buy them in any color! It makes it really colorful if you get the rainbow landyard. But anyway, you can make all different kinds of stitches to make cool designs! Some of the stitches are the cobra, butterfly, zipper, chinese staircase, the box, and MANY more.  They come out all different so their something very unique to do. You can use them as key chains, decorations, bracelets, necklaces, and just DESIGNS TO HAVE! + MUCH MORE! Ya see, I make these things EVERY DAY! It’s actually pretty addicting! So have any of you made lanyard designs? If you have, comment on this blog about how it’s fun or how you hate it and what’s your favorite and least favorite stitch! COMMENT COMMENT! RATE RATE! I WILL BE WAITING! You can also comment about if you want to learn and I could teach you about the stitches and what they look like and how to do them! BYE!

Just another helpful hint and a fun activity by the one, the only…


P.S. You can buy 100 yard rolls at art and crafting places like Michael’s for only $2.99 or less!


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