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:) My dog, Blue :) June 13, 2010

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By Jessica

At the end of the school year in 2009, I got a dog. He is a black Labrador. We rescued him from Save-A-Pet rescue center. Save-A-Pet saved those dogs from a puppy mill. At a puppy mill they treat dogs very badly so I’m glad they saved him. My dog has a brother named Luke and two sisters. The name they gave him at the rescue center was Duke. I came home one day, and to my surprise I saw a little two month old lab sitting on the floor! I kissed him and hugged him and all that jazz. My uncle John, my grandpa, and I went outside to walk him and take him to the bathroom. We were thinking of what to name him. My grandpa said it should be one syllable so it’s easier for him to understand. I thought Duke would be a cute name, but my grandpa wanted to name him Blue because he plays the blues music and there’s a song that says something about a dog named Blue, and it’s his favorite color. That was fine with my uncle and I because back then when I was in 3rd grade my famorite color was blue and that is still my Uncle John’s favorite color. But, just to make sure we put the dog in the middle and my uncle and I went on opposite sides. I kept on saying Duke,Duke, Duke ,come here boy! And John (my uncle) did the same thing but saying Blue. The dog went to John and that meant he liked the name Blue better (or the dog just didn’t like me already). So finally, we named him Blue. Now if you think this pups’ going to be sunshine and rainbows you mine as well just stop listening now because here is where the good details begin.

Blue is bad. Very bad. I’m talking 2012 bad. Blue is literally a little version of Marley. He tears things apart. He likes to chew  things that are NOT to be chewed. (He used to have a potty training problem but that’s over now.) He’s VERY bad. Let’s just keep it at that. One time, I was coming in from school and all of a sudden he jumped on me. The scary thing is that he’s about as tall as me and it seemed like we were in a UFC fight and he was trying to attack me! It was kinda frightening. One REALLY big problem is him and my other dogs. I have two other dogs named  Tazz (a Pomeranian) and Shamrock(a Papillon )  and they are both small and Blue acts like Godzilla when he try’s attacking them. The little one’s try to fight back, but Blue just puts his WHOLE body above them and acts like he’s Mufasa in the Lion King. Sometimes he paws at them and he growls. I hate when humans fight and having a boxing match at home with my dogs isn’t all sugar and candy either. My grandma and aunt want nothing to do with him while my uncle, my grandpa(I live with my grandparents and my aunt and uncle which by the way are not married, they are brother and sister) and I, want EVERYTHING to do with him! His life seems so wild, so adventurous, so exciting! Now as I’m writing this, he is about 1-year-old and STILL a big disaster. He really didn’t have a major change since he was 2 months old. Still, he rips things apart. He still jumps on people.  He still stares out the window all day and stares at the squirrels and just barks at them all day. He still is a pain to everyone and my dogs. I know in this whole entry I have been talking about how bad Blue is. But now let’s think about the good things. He’s a fantastic guard dog, he barks whenever someone he hasn’t seen before touches me or talks to me. He is fun to play with. We play with his frisbee, his tennis balls, some dog toys, and what ever he can find in the yard even if it’s not his. (Like my soccer ball he chewed apart) He’s fun to just lay down on the couch with while watching a movie. He fills happiness into the house. He does so many things to make us happy besides those. Even though it’s sometimes a pain, a disaster, Godzilla, a gorilla, he is my dog and even though he’s a bad boy at the end of the day I realize I would risk my life to save him. I  really do love him.  After I got him I realize what they mean by man’s best friend(well for me, girl’s best friend). I love that little labrador with all my heart and soul.

🙂 Thanks for reading 🙂

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3 Responses to “:) My dog, Blue :)”

  1. jesslblog Says:

    HI! This is myself on my blog reminding you guys to PLEASE comment and rate! You can comment here, and above this it shows 5 stars ***** and you can rate 1-5. I hope you liked this entry about my wild dog!

  2. paige Says:

    yur dog is so cuite

  3. Kevin Says:

    jess I’m obsessed with your dog! Blue is sooooooo cute!

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