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The Annie Jr. Play June 13, 2010

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       Remember in the post “All about me” when I said I like to act and want to be in actress? Well, This year in 4th grade I joined theater club!(Now for me as I’m reading this a year later, I am in 5th grade) The play was Annie Jr. which is basically just Annie but with different lines. I was excited because I had always loved the movie Annie. To audition you had to memorize some lines and sing “Tomorrow”. I memorized the lines right away so that was good. I practiced singing Tomorrow everywhere I went. The day before the audition I did my lines in front of everyone and sang Tomorrow. Before I sang tomorrow for everyone I stayed in my grandma’s room for hours and sang Tomorrow until she said it was good.

 Then at the audition I did great! I sang Tomorrow the best I could and I was proud of myself! Also in the audition, when I said the lines the teacher would say the other lines that other people say. By accident I said one of his lines and it was really funny because I was just like” oh sorry, that’s your line!” And he was just like “wow” because I had memorized the whole piece of the script they gave us! (about 2 out of 11 scenes!) 🙂 Then the day they said the parts, we were all in the music room and everyone else and I were SUPER excited! We all wanted a main part. Whether it was Annie, Ms. Hannigan, Grace, Lilly, Rooster, or Mr. Warbucks. I was hoping for Annie, Ms. Hannigan, or Grace. So they named the people in 5th grade 1st. One of my friends in 5th grade got Ms. Hannigan, one got Grace, one got Lilly, one got Rooster, and one got Mr. Warbucks. The rest got servants, orphans, and a lot of other parts. Then they FINALLY got to 4th grade, what I was hoping for.  All I was thinking was “only one main part left, and it’s the lead-Annie. My 5th grade told me I was the only 4th grader who was going to get this part. I thanked her and wished for the best. I knew I was a determined actress. I wanted it. I needed it. I deserved it! They did a lot of orphans, a lot of servants, and then they got to my class. They said my friend Chelsea got the Sound effects girl who dances. Then they said Jessica is…ANNIE! I jumped up and said “ME?!?!” Your kidding me! Where’s Ashton Kutcher? Did I just get punked? They said I was really Annie and I was really happy. 🙂 I will never forget that day.

But then I forgot the hard part. I had to memorize all the lines. I had to get every song perfect. I had to be able to do it in front of people. A lot of people. The whole school of kids. That’s when I got scared. I read through the script that night, and highlighted the lines. Let me tell you, if I had a dollar for every time I have a line in the acting, or the song, I’d be so( rich and probably wouldn’t need to do the play because I’d go on broadway. I had a lot of lines to memorize. This might take a little while. Before I went to bed each night, and every time I had free time I would sit down and memorize those lines. It felt like it took forever. We started in about November and the play was supposed to be in May so I thought we would be fine. But, a lot of people started quitting the play(especially stage crew) and even my friend who was Sandy(A stray dog Annie finds on the streets of NYC) quit the play! 😦  This is when everything started going wrong. Some nights the other main characters and I would try to memorize out lines but lately we didn’t have time. Whether it was a baseball game, piano, gymnastics – we just were all busy. So, they had to start feeding us lines which means when we were on stage they would have to tell us lines, like if Ms. Hannigan was supposed to say “NOW LINE UP” she might not say it and everybody on stage would wait and eventually they had to tell us the lines. You see, this wasn’t good because now it was about April and the play was less than a month away and we weren’t ready for it. They actually ended up changing the date of the play to June 4th or something like that but it STILL wasn’t a very long time to get it perfect. We fixed the problem with Sandy by getting a sandy colored dog with wheels on it so I could wheel it around. After that, it was all good.

 We now had all memorized our lines, all stage-crew knew what to bring out and where to put it, and the play was finally coming together. In one practice, we surprisingly made it through the whole play in 3 and a half hours twice. That was fantastic. The play was about an hour and 15 minutes-an hour and a half. We were having practices almost every day to get it done and perfect:) I was very excited because the play was now only a week away! We had practices every day that week before school and after school.

Then the day of the play we all came in out costumes. I had a big, red wig on and the signature red Annie dress. But right now I have on a dress with flowers for the orphanage. When Grace picks me to go to the Warbuck’s mansion, I change backstage into the Annie dress. And of course I was wearing my Annie locket. What was really funnier than my red wig, was Dylan, the kid who plays Warbuck’s, was wearing a bald cap! LOL! 🙂 Everyone had practiced really hard and we all thought we were ready and would do a great job. Surprisingly, we were all pumped. It might not seem surprising but usually at practice we were waiting for the “endless” hours to FINALLY end!  So we were all ready. We did one practice at about 7:30 and then at about 8:30 we went into the science lab and waited for school to start and all the kids and teachers to go in the all purpose room. The bad thing was that in the practice before the play when I was singing tomorrow I COMPLETELY lost my voice! So in the science lab I tried not to talk that much(which by the way, is pretty hard for a chatty person like me!) All of the people who had a lot of singing parts were doing the same as me. Then the teachers told us to line up and I got a MAJOR stomache ache and had butterflies and so did a lot of the other main characters. I was in the front of the line and had no clue where to go, so I let Ms. Hannigan go 1st in line because she wanted to. We walked in with pride and the people who were in scene 1 were either going onstage or quitetly waiting backstage. I felt like I was going to burst into tears crying because I was SO NERVOUS! What if the kids in the audience laughed at me!(especailly with the wig on!) Then I realized it was MY TURN to walk on stage and I was scared HALF TO DEATH!  From what I could see, a few people giggled  when I came on stage but nothing major, so I was fine.When I was REALLY nervous was when I had to sing the first song which was “Maybe”. You see, I sing almost ALL the song by myself and their is a lot of high notes so I said to myself “Oh no!” Then I started singing and I was fine! It was actually pretty fun to do this! I liked it! I loved being the center of attention! As the play went on everyone had some nervousness built up inside of them, but it cleared away just like me! At the end of the play we all sang Tomorrow and bowed and all that jazz. The lights we SOOOO bright so I was sweating really hard! When the play was hardly over yet, and the audience was STILL clapping, I just COULDN’T take it and took my wig off! LOL! 🙂 It was really funny but it wasn’t a big deal.

 Everywhere I went people were saying things like “WOW! Great job!” and “Was that really your voice? It’s amazing!” My 15 minutes of fame turned into a few days of fame. Well, the rest of the school year to be exact! When I walked into my classroom after the play the whole class clapped and shouted and I felt my cheeks BURNING UP because I was blushing so hard! LOL! 🙂 That night we did the parents show of Annie and all the parents were amazed just as much as the children! Now school is over and the play is over, but now I kinda miss it! Doing it was a FANTASTIC expierance! I will always be little orphan Annie deep inside! 🙂 Well, now they are doing a Broadway  musical of Annie once again and I might audition! YAY! Well, now you know about my Annie expierance and know a little more about me! BYE!


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  1. jesslblog Says:

    🙂 I remember this day…the play was one of the best school memories I have ever had 🙂
    Please comment and rate!

  2. paige Says:

    i rember that day but you got the main part and i was stuck as a stupid house-keeper

  3. kevin Says:



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